MIMK-031 – (English subbed) What if That Girl Started Working as My Escort, Starting Today. Ai Uehara This one dude has a mobile device with a very special function: Whatever girl she calls, she will magically get brainwashed into becoming her personal escort. Not only that, but she will be compelled to fulfill whatever his demands he has, no matter how ridiculous or outrageous.
Ai Uehara feels compelled to become a perfect delivery call girl, despite the conflict in her head as she still has her own thoughts. But at times she feels like her body moving on her own. All thanks to that mysterious device.
The costumes are sexy. Ai is awesome. And the story is filled with dirty details. Plus, that restaurant scene was pretty nice.

Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Ai Uehara
– DVD ID: MIMK-031
– Release Date: Mar. 08, 2015
– Runtime: 150min. (HD: 150min.)
– Studio: MOODYZ
– Label: Mankitsu
– s341-subjav-MIMK-031

MIMK-031 That Girl Started Working as My Escort – Ai Uehara (sub)
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